2013 Spartan World Championship

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Spartan World Championship: Cody Moat

Race Report by Cody Moat

First off I would like to thank Spartan for a great race this past weekend and inov-8 for supplying me with the best shoes on the market, the X-Talon 190. These light-weight racing shoes supplied me with both comfort and traction.

Overall I was very pleased with how my race turned out Saturday. It wasn’t a 1st place finish like 2012 but it may have been just as good of an accomplishment considering my health over the past 3 months.

Cody Moat Spartan

The first 2 miles the race started kind of slow with the big mountain ahead of everyone. I took my time and wasn’t too concerned with where I was at in placing. But I was around 5th place to the top of the first hill. When we reached the top, I let myself go and began cruising down a small gravel road. I caught up to the next two or three racers and found myself in 2nd place.

Suddenly the course left the road and headed straight off the mountain down through the trees without a trail. I love this kind of technical terrain and almost instantly found myself in 1st place. I wasn’t planning on leading but that’s the way it was going. I put a pretty good lead on the competition. I would say at least 1 minute on 2nd place and 3 or 4 minutes on 3rd place.

I felt good as we came to one of the first major obstacles the sand-bag carry. This obstacle was pretty intense. It was a 60 pound sandbag that we had to carry straight up a ski slope ½ mile. Then we had to carry it back down the ski slope putting a whole mile of sand bag carry.

After this obstacle, I lengthened my lead a little and continued on to about mile 5. It was at this time that I came to the spear throw. The spear throw has cost me quite a bit of money throughout the year but I was confident that I would hit it. So I took my time and once again I flanked the outside edge which ripped through the hay bail and I had 30 burpees to do.

So I quickly busted out my 30 burpees and continued on my way still in the lead by about 30 seconds. At this time we hit a rope climb, a barb-wire crawl and then came the lake. This is where things started to fall apart for me a little bit. I did the first swim which included a rope climb and then swam across to the opposite bank.

Then after a short jog around the lake it was back into the water for another swim to the Tarzan obstacle. In this obstacle I had to swim out to a rope and climb the rope and then grab onto 6 short ropes that you tarzan swing from one to the other. When I got up the rope I noticed the second tarzan rope was caught up on the beam making it at least a foot higher than the other tarzan ropes. I knew at this point that this obstacle was just about impossible to pass. I’m not sure how the rope was caught up like that, I won’t blame anyone but it was detrimental to my race.

Because I had to go and do 30 more burpees while Hunter and Hobie went on their merry way. Half way through my burpees my legs began to cramp. Instead of the burpees taking 2 minutes they took around 3 minutes. I knew at this point that it would be hard to regain the lead but I thought perhaps there was still a chance.

So I took off again and only made it 200 meters and my leg really cramped. I sat there on the ground while Matt Murphy ran by. I didn’t know what to do, I’d never had a cramp that bad. So I began hobbling back to a DNF when I decided that I was going to find a way to make my cramped quad bend. So I pushed down on the ground as hard as I could to make my knee bend and it finally bent and released the cramp.

By this time Matt had probably gained 5 minutes on me so I knew that it would be tough to catch up with anyone ahead of me. So off I went through the woods but I couldn’t really get going again because I knew any minute my cramp may return.

After about 2 more miles of running I had worked out my cramped muscles but there was no catching anyone up ahead so I finished the race in 4th place.

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