Arizona Sprint – 2016

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cody az barb 1

I had a pretty fun race weekend with family and friends in Arizona. Great race between Hunter McIntyre and myself. We switched leads throughout the 4.5 mile course. I knew it was going to be an interesting finish when neither one of us could pull away with 400 meters to go. He threw the spear 1 second before I did. But I figured I could pass him on the rig. I did take the lead for a second but I did a 360 on the last ring and lost a couple steps. Those steps were the race decider. We stayed dead even on the z-walls, tunnels, dunk wall, ramp, and fire jump. And there you have it- Great race Hunter McIntyre! Ryan Kent put in a courageous effort after missing the start of the race. They started the race a few minutes early.

cody AZ fire

cody AZ sprint

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