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Because I get asked frequently about products I use, anywhere from nutrition to shoes, I thought I’d create this page that lets people know what works for me. The products are not listed in order of importance, since everything benefits in a different way. There is no bias here to sell things. Use what you like, but if you want to use what I feel is the best on the market, then be sure to check them out.

Shoes: I have loved the Inov-8 brand since I started wearing them. I won a pair at the Utah Spartan beast in 2012 – I chose the F-Lite 195 pair – a nice light racing shoe (flat). The first time I raced in them, they felt great! I also happened to win the race which was the Spartan World Championship! Three weeks later I won my next Spartan race in South Carolina in the same pair of shoes. About 3 weeks later I wore the same pair of F-Lite’s at the USATF Trail Marathon National Championship which I also won! We are talking about a great shoe! I became sponsored by Inov-8 after telling them how much I loved their shoes and 3 months later, before they could get me any new shoes, I wore (yet again) the same pair of Inov-8 F-lites at the USATF Trail Ultra National Championship…….and won. I’m just saying, I put a lot of racing miles on those shoes and they were loyal and trusty to me.

Now I prefer the F-Lite 195’s for trail racing and the X-talon 190 for Spartan races. The X-talon has a heavier tread which is good in the mud, but is light like the F-Lites. I train in the Inov-8 Roc Lite 295 shoes. They are a sturdy pair of shoes and great for getting more miles on before I have to get a new pair.

Nutrition: A while back I found out I have a gluten intolerance. Those first few months were hard for me and my wife to find gluten-free (GF) products, as well as find the supplements I needed to rebuild my stomach. The doctor recommended I get my probiotics, L-glutamine, digestive enzymes at Vitacost, an online health business. After looking into it, Vitacost also had gluten free products, pastas, bread mixes, and pizza mixes. I like to shop with them for this purpose. If you are looking for probiotics or reasonably priced GF food, be sure to look them up.

General: Like everyone else, one of my favorite sites is Amazon.com. My most recent purchase from Amazon was the marathon stick. It has been great for giving me the massage I need at even some of the most inconvenient times! I actually rub my quads down with dōTERRA Deep blue and the dōTERRA peppermint and then rub my legs out with this marathon stick. It feels great! I also ordered my Garmin wrist computer with the heart rate monitor on Amazon and have not been disappointed. I have found that a Heart rate monitor is a must to go with the watch. This is the only way I can tell if I am overtraining or not.

Spartan training equipment: The Hyperwear sandbag is something that is great for anyone training for a Spartan race to have. You can use it for so many different things. This company also sells an awesome weight vest which is great for Spartan training as well.

I hope some of this information helps. I will most likely direct you to this page if you message me on Facebook to ask a question about nutrition or products that I use. I’m sure I’ll be adding more things that I have discovered work great for me.

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