Inov 8 Roclite GTX 282

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roclite gtx

The Roclite GTX 282 are incredibly light,comfortable,durable, and they have great traction. This summer I chose to bring only one pair of shoes on my back-packing trip for sake of weight. I wore the Roclites. On the first day of the trip I hiked an 80-90 pound pack 5 miles through several rivers and small streams. My feet were completely soaked. After setting up camp and getting a little fishing in, I decided it was time to get a mountain run. So without changing my shoes, I crossed a shallow portion of the lake and started my run. The run was 100% off trail through the woods. During the course of my run, I crossed several more streams and marshes, a large rockslide, and the rest of the time I was jumping fallen logs and rocks. These shoes never let me down- I never slipped, I didn’t receive so much as a blister from this workout. The run ended up being 8 miles across some of the roughest terrain I’ve run on. Throughout the course of this trip I did more hikes and more runs and my feet were great. It was after this weekend that I had to ask myself, “Is the Roclite GTX 282 all I really need?”

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