Monterey Super – 2016

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This picture is a small sample of the battle we had going on today. As you can see, today’s race was a dog fight between Ryan, Hunter, Robert, and myself. Unfortunately for me, I finished 4th! Which I shouldn’t complain because this picture doesn’t show the studs who finished behind me.
The Golden state championship took place at a fine venue near Monterey California. With the strongest field of athletes I think I’ve ever seen outside of the world championship.

I was surprised how fast this race began-sub 5 pace. Its the first time I’ve ever spent the first 2 miles out of the top 10. But I worked my way back to the front and by mile 3 the 4 athletes shown above broke away from the pack.
We all traded leads for atleast a moment for the next 3 miles. Hunter and Ryan pulled away on the down hills while Robert and I made our moves on the uphills. It was amazing how close we all were throughout the first 6 miles of the 8.5 mile course. At around mile 6 all 4 of us came to the plate drag at about the same time which ended up being my demise. I came to this obstacle feeling pretty strong and in the battle for gold and came out substantially behind.

We had about a 1 mile uphill section then it would be all downhill to the finish. I knew I needed to go like crazy to get back in the race. But I couldn’t seem to get myself to go- I just felt discouraged! So I didn’t put on the surge that I so desperately needed.
So from the top of the mountain down to the finish I ran fast but was a little more relaxed than I should have been. I hate to leave a race with regrets but I do have some. Hopefully it will make me hungrier for the next one.
Thank you spartan race for putting together such a great race and bringing the best together. Thanks inov-8 for my favorite racing shoes the x-talon 190s! The grip and the comfort were fantastic. Also great job to my wife Leona Moat for a fine 14th place finish.
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