PAC West Sprint 2015

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This race started with a bang! The pace was fast in the first mile, so I didn’t feel a need to push it. Toward the end of the first mile we hit a steep hill and I decided it was time to push the pace. I opened up on the down hills hoping to lose the competition, but Hobie and Brakken weren’t about to let me get away. I got a small gap, but the next thing I knew, Hobie and I were neck and neck.
Miles 2-3 were fast and intense as Hobie and I pushed through the sand bag carry, log carry, weight pull, and onto the spear throw. I had a small lead so I threw my spear first with a direct hit – Yes! As I was running to the Tyrolean Traverse I noticed Hobie was headed to the burpee box. What I didn’t realize was how close Brakken was to me. I thought I had a big lead but after only getting my bucket filled with gravel, there was Brakken already getting his bucket! This was a bit of a downer for me, just because I thought I had created a big lead and that I wouldn’t be challenged – but Brakken was there giving me all I could ask for.

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With only ½ mile to go in the race I didn’t know if I was going to be able to hold him off (he is an 800m runner). But the gap stayed about the same..we had a steep muddy hill and when I reached the top with still a slight lead I knew the downhill that followed would give me an additional gap. So I went on to the Rig, Rope, Fire, and water jump and on to victory!
Thanks to all my supporters and sponsors: Spartan Race, Inov-8, Gnarly Nutrition, and Beet Elite!

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