Pennsylvania Super – 2016

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Pennsylvania Race Recap 2016

The Race began on the Blue Mountain Ski Resort near Palmerton, PA. I knew that this race would present the most competitive field of obstacle racers since World Championships. I felt physically and mentally better than ever. The race started up the mountain with some intense climbing. I felt pretty good in 3rd place behind John Albon and Robert Killian. But as we neared the top I found myself leading the pack. The first major obstacle was the spear throw on the top of the mountain. I threw and hit right on.
The next portion of the race was back down the mountainside. This section must have been the deadliest section of race I’ve ever seen. John Albon put on a quick downhill surge and I was determined to follow at this break neck pace along with Robert Killian. We hadn’t gone more than a half mile off the top when boom I was lying on the ground and my ankle was shot. I quickly got up and started running hoping that the pain would subside.
I had lost some major ground and I wasn’t gaining it back on the downhill. Matter of fact, I didn’t dare run fast at all. I kept telling myself I’d catch back up on an uphill somewhere after my ankle has recovered.

Soon the race leveled out and I began moving quickly again, Ryan Atkins had pulled up next to me and we ran together through the monkey bars and barb wire crawl. I got a little jump on him out of the wire and after another substantial climb I was back in 3rd.    I knew the Double sand bag carry was coming. And it was everything I imagined it would be. I could see Robert moving well below me and John struggling with his sand bag. I thought here’s my chance. I passed John just as Ryan Atkins came down the hill like a bowling ball. This obstacle was so tough that I forgot about my bad ankle. The sand-bag wasn’t my best obstacle, now I was in 5th.
Next came one of the toughest obstacles immediately after a carry , the hoist. But I was able to pass without a problem and was on my way.

Unfortunately for me, another long ankle breaking downhill was next. I just couldn’t go at all. The ankle had taken a turn for the worse rather than the better. I knew any minute a tons of racers would pass me. But much to my surprise only John Albon was able to overtake me on this section of course. I could see the miles clicking by but I was just holding on to whatever I could hold onto. I just wondered who would pass me on the next downhill section. A quick glance behind me told me it would be Matt. I knew I couldn’t hold him off so I encouraged him as he jumped into the lake ahead of me. I will have to say the lake was the highlight of my race. Even though I could touch most of the way, I chose to swim just to prove to myself that I could really swim this year, not just doggy paddle.
There was a little more excitement as the race continued with a new obstacle and probably their hardest rig ever. Before I knew it, the race was over.
I can’t complain, I sprained my ankle and was able to finish in a respectable place. Now I just hope I can get better before Asheville. #spartan #spartanrace #spartanproteam #ocr #ocrdad #inov8

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