Sacramento Spartan Super – 2nd race in Triple Crown Series

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Cody Sac

The race began with myself, Hunter, and Glenn all up front with one or two guys leading the way. Within the first 800 meters I found myself leading the race. I knew that with racing athletes of the caliber of Hunter and Glenn that I would need to create a gap throughout the running sections of the race. But in the first 2 miles neither Hunter nor Glen were willing to let me get away.

Going into mile 3 I had finally created a small gap on Hunter who was followed closely by Glen. My goal was to keep pushing the pace and lengthening the gap. I knew that there were some heavy obstacle later in the race and I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere near Hunter when we came to those obstacles. So about mile 4 I had stretched my lead out to 20-30 seconds. This was about where the spear throw was. I came into the spear area, picked up my spear and hit. I took off running not looking back but my curiosity got the best of me and I sneaked a peak over my shoulder to see if my gap was any better or if anyone had missed the spear. Much to my surprise Hunter was no where in sight but I could see Glenn. At this point I knew that Hunter had missed the spear throw.

cody sac 1

The rest of the race was a blur, the miles clicked over quickly and before I knew it I was within 2 miles of the finish. I was concerned with a couple heavy obstacles near the end of the race. I could see behind me that Hunter was coming on strong and if I missed an obstacle, I may not have given myself a big enough gap to still win. So I started to get a little nervous but things turned out okay. I passed all the obstacles and ended up winning the race with a time of 57:39. Hunter made a strong comeback finishing ahead of Glenn by about 30 seconds.

cody hunter

Thanks so much to Reebok Spartan Race for another fine venue!  Also thanks to my sponsors:  Reebok Spartan Race, Inov-8, and Gnarly Nutrition!

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