The World’s Best Spartan Racer Shares His Training Secrets

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Note: This cached version of the article was originally posted on Outside Magazine, Thursday, August 1, 2013 by Erin Beresini.

Moat burst onto the obstacle-racing scene in late 2012, when he swept both events at the Spartan Race World Championships.

Cody Moat exercising with a tire.

Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen

First he edged out race favorite Hobie Call to win the Beast, a 13-plus-mile trek up and down Vermont’s Killington ski mountain, and then he won the Ultra Beast, a second lap on the same course. A father of four, Moat is not a full-time pro—he teaches drafting and carpentry at Fillmore’s Millard High School—but he often trains just as hard. Here’s how he’s preparing to defend his Spartan title this September.

Mountain Man: “I hit the mountains for runs, all on trails. It’s better than roads, because you’ve got the terrain, the rocks, steep hills—the natural obstacles.”

Jack of All Trades: “One or two days a week, I do specific obstacle training—rope climb, spear throw, big-tire flip, and a seven-foot wall that I climb over. I have a tire I pull across the grass and a bucket with a big rock that I carry.”

Pushing It: “I do a lot of burpees and push-ups. And I’ll do pull-ups on the grandstands at the school’s track.”

Eyes Open: “During my first Spartan Race I ran with Hobie, the favorite, the entire way. When he’d go over a wall, I saw how he did it. I noticed how he went over the nets. I pretty much just copied him, which seems like good strategy for a newcomer.”

Shifting Gears: “Monday is my speed day. Tuesday is usually an easy run. Wednesday I do a medium run. Thursday is speed again with obstacles, or sometimes just obstacles. And then Friday and Saturday I like to hit the mountains for long runs.”

Cool Down: “I get up at about 5:15 A.M. to train. I do schoolwork with my kids at night. There’s no time to sit down and watch TV. I figure this racing thing probably won’t last forever.”


  1. Way to lead out in reaching for your dreams Cody and Leona! You both inspire me! May you and your family continue to drive forward in pursuit of your goals. We’ll continue to cheer you on from Omaha!

    Nancy Louthan

    November 21, 2013

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