Tuxedo, NY Spartan Sprint

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The Tuxedo New York Spartan sprint #2 had a very competitive field of racers. I felt good about my chances of winning but I knew that I would need a good race in order to win.
The race started with a bang; the first ¼ of a mile was right up a steep hill…no messing around. I took the hill in 3rd place behind Isaiah Vidal and Matt Novakovich as we reached the top of the hill. The course headed right back down hill to the first set of monkey bars. I had moved into 2nd place behind Isaiah. From the monkey bars the course headed right back up a steep technical incline. From there I felt good and decided to take the lead, still only ½ mile into the race. I kept a good steady pace and jumped out on Matt and Hunter McIntyre by about 30-45 seconds. I knew with that kind of competition, the race was far from over. Hunter’s obstacle speed and downhill speed and Matt’s uphill speed would challenge me the whole way. There were several obstacles like the tractor pull and the log carry that looped back enough for me to see how my lead was being maintained. There were moments that I was worried that as Matt and Hunter battled it out and pushing each other, they would also be gaining on me. I tried to stay positive and consistent and maintain the lead I had gotten. So all in all, the race stayed pretty constant with me have a 30-45 second lead.


As we all know in obstacle racing, 45 seconds is nothing. One mistake and there it goes- so I was a little concerned with the spear throw. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy one with the barb-wire crawl right before it. As I was crawling and feeling the burn in my upper body I knew that the spear throw would be a challenge. But I hit it just right and kept my lead. The last ½ mile was mentally hard as the course swung by the finish line and I was ready to be done only to find that there was another big hill and who knows how many more obstacles. As I came over the traverse wall at the top of the last big hill, I knew the victory would be mine. I opened up with a nice finish down to the fire and on to the finish line.
Thank you Spartan for bringing me out to such a fine venue and for kicking my butt in only 4.5 miles. Thanks to Inov-8 for the X-Talons gripping the rocks on the technical sections of the course, and finally thanks to Gnarly for giving me the fuel to recover from many hard workouts.

This race is scheduled to air July 22, 2014 on NBC  so check it out!

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