Utah Super Spartan 2015

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Utah Spartan Super Blog 2015

I have 4 good reasons why this year’s Utah Spartan race was the best ever.

Reason #1- I got to race with a lot of good friends and exceptional athletes today from all around the country and especially from right here in Utah. I was also able to see my family who came to support me

Reason #2- I ran a solid race and tried to focus on running my best instead of comparing myself with other athletes. I was also able to control my race pace early on and keep it under control when others were pushing the pace.

Reason #3- Spartan put together one of the best obstacle sections of the year and I felt strong, capable, and confident. And most importantly I was able to run a clean race.

Reason #4- A bunch of my Millard High School track athletes took a bunch of time out of their day to come and cheer an old coach on! It was a good surprise to hear them cheering me on during the race and I believe it made a difference. (Thanks again guys)

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Congratulations to Matt (the Bear) for a great race. I believe the Bear is getting faster every year! Also a great job to Ian Hosek for a nice 3rd place finish.

Once again I’d like to thank my sponsors- Spartan for a great course today and all they do for the Spartan team. Inov-8 for the shoes that carried me through X-Talon 190. And for Gnarly and Beet elite for all the nutritional help that they give me to carry me through my training and races.

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