Vegas Super – 2016

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cody nv start 1

I was very pleased with the new venue for the Las Vegas super this year. The course had a mix of sandy sections with a nice river run. Then the second half the course got out of the sand and moved into some cattle fields and up into some foothills. Then the course ended in a motorcross arena.

cody nv bucket

The spear throw was early in the race and a small group arrived at about the same time. 3 of us nailed this obstacle and 3 missed. That was where Glenn, Chad, and I pulled away. As we were nearing mile 3 I knew I needed to pull away but both Chad and Glen were running well. So I started to move out a little but I quickly lost my lead when my plate drag was caught on a clump of grass and wouldn’t budge. Thats always a little frustrating. I got through the obstacle with about a 10 foot lead – this was somewhere around the 4.5 mile mark.

cody nv rig 1

At this moment I felt a great urgency to break away so that’s what I attempted to do. Glenn was holding on strong and didn’t give much ground but by mile 5.5 I had gotten over 100 meters lead. I knew it wasn’t near enough in an obstacle race so I continued to push the pace. The last 2 miles was stacked pretty good with some tough obstacles. It went from sand bag carry to a double barb-wire crawl, then bucket carry to rig, and on to the traverse rope, rope climb, to Herculean hoist and on to the fire jump and finish. I remained unscathed through this gauntlet of obstacles and ended up winning with a time of 1:00.56. I’d like to thank Spartan Race for a great venue and inov-8 for the shoes.

cody nv rig 2

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